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Once again, please follow the steps above to continue to receive posts weekly, as we will no longer be maintaining this blog. Be sure to check out some exclusive posts on our new blog though, including recipes for a snack item, fudge, and pie! Also find out about raising backyard chickens and more when you visit!

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by Alexa and Anna


Attention ALL Readers!!

We have some exciting news to share with you!! We our expanding are blogging experience and have moved to our very own self-hosted blog! Our new blog is very similar to this blog and is called We are making our new blog easier to access and easier to navigate!

To celebrate, we have decided to provide three exclusive blog posts for you on our new blog! By clicking on this link:, it will take you to our Welcome page and from there you can easily click on two new recipes and a new article on chickens!

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Once all of our faithful followers have started following our new blog, this blog will no longer be maintained. We will no longer publish new posts on this blog and you will no longer receive emails from this blog. We will post a reminder over the next few days to make sure you can easily switch over.

Our new blog is very similar to this blog so don’t be hesitant! If you have any questions, please comment below! Again, you can access our new blog by clicking on this link: We hope to see you soon on our new blog!

Alexa and Anna

New Look

Our blog has a new look! Recently I have been editing and improving our blog to allow for easier access to all our posts and an improved reading format. Please feel free to check it out.

(I am planning on adding an “About” page here soon as well)

Have a great weekend!

– Anna