Birding on Florida’s Gulf Coast

My recent visit to Florida’s Gulf Coast introduced me to loads of new birds! I took tons of pictures and tediously tried to identify each bird I saw! It was so much fun and now I would like to share my findings with you!

Northern Mockingbird: I saw lots of these at my grandparents house!

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Happy Birthday Rontu!

Today Rontu turns 2! To celebrate, Anna made him an oatmeal peanut butter cake with carob frosting! Enjoy the pictures of his celebration!



Practicing self control…

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Hopewell Ranch

A few days ago I went and visited Hopewell Ranch, a nonprofit organization that helps kids using horses. I enjoyed taking pictures of their horses, goats, and chickens.


















Bananas! Yum!



Have a great week!!

by Alexa

Isabella County Fair 2016

This past week was the 2016 Isabella County Fair. The most fun and exhausting week in the year!  We started off the busy week by checking in all our crafts and projects in the 4-H still exhibit building.(e.g. quilting, baking, woodworking, painting, etc. etc. etc.)  Alexa showed our Black Lab, Rontu, in the dog show later on that day. Rontu and Alexa surprised us all by winning overall champion in showmanship and grand champion in obedience!  The day after, Sunday, I had to get my Indian Runner ducks and Congo, my Boer goat wether checked-in. (Just for fact: a wether is a castrated male goat, not what the sky looked like that day.)  Monday the 25th was poultry showmanship day!! I showed my female Indian Runner duck and took third place in the senior class. I get a lot of people who ask how in the world do you show a chicken?! Its really not too difficult and I would be more than happy to explain if you were ever so intrigued. And ducks are easier to show, harder to handle. Goat showmanship took place the next day, Tuesday. Congo surprised everyone (except me) by walking perfectly fine in the show ring. We got second place in the senior showmanship class and fourth in the meat wether class. Below are some pictures from the Fair.

Have a great week!







Farm Update


Kapa at 5 weeks old


I found out this week that Ele Ele has crooked toes, which means that two of his toes is bent. It will not effect his health but I will probably not use him for breeding.


Hitan- still my favorite!





I am pretty sure that both my khaki campbells are males so I will not be able to bring them to fair.


I have brought an Indian runner duck to the small animal clinics that I go to during the week. I practice showmanship with it every day.


Donald and Aflac, the two Pekins.


Been doing some delicious baking! Above is some yummy strawberry bread.


And a pumpkin custard.


Along with some monster cookies!

Have a great weekend!

by Alexa

Summer Update

As summer moves in, our days get really busy with training our animals and preparing for fair. Posts may be sporadic or short and sweet with pictures and maybe an occasional recipe. We will post just often enough though to keep you updated!


My chicks are growing fast! They have been able to get outside a few times this week and they love it!


I still do not know if I have males or females yet. I hope I have one male and two females!


Taking pictures of these cute little guys is so much fun!


Hitan has grown into a little character! His (I am calling Hitan a he) favorite thing to do is try and dust bathe in the wood shavings in the pen or in the grass outside!


Relaxing and watching the big hens free-range.


Can’t forget about these guys! The master mess makers have been moved outside permanently! Yay! They now stay in a chain link dog kennel with a dog house that I lock them in at night. Their pool stays in the kennel and is filled everyday. Make all the mess you want in there guys!


The three breeds that we have are pictured above, (left to right) Pekin, Indian Runner, and Khaki Campbell.

We have also been making some pretty yummy creations. Like…


Zucchini boats and…


Moose Bars!

Have a great weekend!

by Alexa