Attention ALL Readers!!

We have some exciting news to share with you!! We our expanding are blogging experience and have moved to our very own self-hosted blog! Our new blog is very similar to this blog and is called We are making our new blog easier to access and easier to navigate!

To celebrate, we have decided to provide three exclusive blog posts for you on our new blog! By clicking on this link:, it will take you to our Welcome page and from there you can easily click on two new recipes and a new article on chickens!

You can easily follow our new blog by entering your email address in the ‘follow’ box that will pop up when you arrive on our site. Another option would be to enter your email address into the ‘subscribe’ box on the right side of the blog. You will then receive all the latest blog posts delivered right to your inbox!

Once all of our faithful followers have started following our new blog, this blog will no longer be maintained. We will no longer publish new posts on this blog and you will no longer receive emails from this blog. We will post a reminder over the next few days to make sure you can easily switch over.

Our new blog is very similar to this blog so don’t be hesitant! If you have any questions, please comment below! Again, you can access our new blog by clicking on this link: We hope to see you soon on our new blog!

Alexa and Anna


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