10 Crazy Chicken Facts

In my constant quest to learn more about chickens, I have come across some crazy information about them. By the time your done reading this blog post, your mind will probably be blown away.


The heaviest, recorded egg ever laid by a chicken weighed 1 pound!


A high production strain of Leghorns was created by the University of Missouri. One hen from that strain laid 371 eggs in 364 days!

dsc_1099Another hen from that same strain laid an egg a day for 448 days straight!

dsc_14541Much like my hen/rooster, Hitan, a flock of chickens was found that was made solely of half male and half female chickens. This phenomenon, called bilateral gynandromorph, is very rare and results in one side of a chicken that is male (larger wattle, male reproductive organs, coloring, etc…) and the other side being female (smaller wattle, female reproductive organ, coloring, etc..).


A breed called the Sumatra, has been reported to have flown over 5 miles on prevailing winds and to have jumped 6 feet with clipped wings.


A chicken developed in Israel has only a few wisps of feathers on it’s pink skin. Needing shade to prevent sun burn in the summer and heated housing in the winter, these birds look like they are literally ready to ‘jump into your crock pot’!


Several breeds of chickens have been created in Japan based on the length of their crow. These breed, sometimes called ‘longcrowers’ can make their crow last anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 minute!


Along those same lines, other breeds have been developed in Japan based on their long tails. Where growing long tails has been perfected to an art, some cock’s tails will grow 3 feet in a year. That means a 10 year old cock will have a 30 foot tail! (in the attempt to achieve the long tail gene, many long tail cock’s have lost the molting gene, allowing their tail feathers to grow for longer periods of time without losing them)


A chicken can not taste sweetness or spiciness. They can taste saltiness though!


Chickens are not dumb. They actually have great memory and can distinguish between over 100 different faces of animals or people. They have also been taught to do obstacle courses, come when called, and distinguish between colors and numbers.


Hope you now view these feathered friends in a whole new light!

by Alexa


4 thoughts on “10 Crazy Chicken Facts

  1. These are amazing facts, Alexa! I am not wild about a chicken “jumping in ” my crockpot though. Would rather put it in myself!😉😉 Are all these pics from your flock? Great colors!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The pictures are the best! Have to agree with Gram Lehr – not to fond of having a chicken jump into the crockpot or anywhere else in my kitchen. But I do enjoy watching them run around and forage outside. Great pictures. Greater photographer…
    What an eye for detail you have.


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