Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of my family’s favorite vacation spots! Here are some photos from our recent visit:


Our favorite campground to stay at in Myrtle Beach is Ocean Lakes Family Campground!


Our campsite was only a few steps away from the beach!


One of my coolest beach finds included the horseshoe crab pictured above!



On our last day at the beach we hunted tirelessly for shark’s teeth! I found 4 teeth! They were my favorite thing to hunt for!

We made it a point to wake up early every morning to catch the sunrise!


This is the sun coming up over the ocean!



We got to go horseback riding on the beach as an early birthday present! It was so much fun!


While at Huntington Beach State Park I got to see lots of alligators and many species of birds!



I caught a great blue heron as he was coming in for a landing!


I saw lots of wood storks in trees!

I loved seeing an immature yellow crowned night heron (left) and a tri-colored heron (top right). The snowy egrets (lower right) were also cool!

Other cool creatures I saw included (left to right) a blue crab, a ghost crab, and a periwinkle snail.


Taking photos of the little sanderlings on the beach was very entertaining.


I identified lots of terns while I was there, including the sandwich tern, royal tern, and forester’s tern.



Myrtle Beach was so much fun!


by Alexa


3 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach, S.C.

  1. We loved seeing all the pictures and their identifying names as well. You are a good researcher and fun to follow your blogs. The horseback ride on the beach would be a favorite!

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