Black and White Photography

This week my family and I went to a family owned hunting property to go walking. The weather was beautiful and I got some good photography practice in. Today, as I was going through the photos that I took and doing some editing with them (it’s a hobby) I changed a few pictures to black and white, because it looked cool, and it got me thinking what it would be like if the world had no color. Can you imagine a world without color? If all we saw was in black and white?  Life could get very boring (very quick). The trees and flowers would seem dull and everything would have the same feel. We don’t even realize it but color is something we often take for granted, don’t we?

DSC_0266 (2).jpg

DSC_0265 (3).jpg

DSC_0264 (2).jpg

DSC_0246 (2).jpg

DSC_0263 (2).jpg

DSC_0252 (2).jpg

DSC_0248 (2).jpg

DSC_0249 (2).jpg

DSC_0245 (2).jpg

DSC_0256 (2).jpg

Have a good week, and take time to thank God for the gift of color!

– Anna



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