Let the Farm Begin!

April is the month filled with baby animals for me! This week I got 6 Indian Runner ducklings and 2 Khaki Campbell ducklings. They are the cutest little critters! No, they are not named yet because I will be taking them to fair and selling them. Typically I do name them based on their personality’s as they get older. They have to be called something other then ducky, right?


Indian Runner ducks are also called ‘penguin ducks’ because of the unique way they stand, almost straight up. Runner ducks were first bred on Indonesian Islands where they were ‘walked’ to market to be sold for egg production and for meat. Runner ducks are the third best layers in duckdom. They lay 150-200 greenish/white eggs a year, out doing many breeds of chickens.


Khaki Campbells are the best layers in duckdom. They are excellent layers, laying straight through the winter and producing around 300 eggs a year!

IMG_0221  I keep the ducklings in a brooder I have set up for them. I have a Brinsea Ecoglow in there for a heat source along with food and water. Their water I put in a cool whip container with a hole cut in the lid. The hole prevents them from getting to wet at such a young age but also allows them to submerge their whole head underwater. For litter (bedding) I use pieces of shelf liner. The shelf liner is easy to clean out, even when it gets wet!


So cute!

1232183075526587713_2047420172Baby ducks aren’t the only thing expected this April. I am getting my Brinsea Mini Advance incubator all ready for hatching eggs that should be arriving in the mail today! To get it ready I first washed it in warm water with some vinegar in it to sterilize the incubator. Now I have it running on my desk, getting it all prepared for the eggs. I am keeping the temperature at 99.6 degrees F and the humidity around 50%. So exciting!


This weekend Anna is also getting a baby Boer goat. Let the chores begin! There fun chores though!


Have a great weekend!

by Alexa



2 thoughts on “Let the Farm Begin!

  1. This all sounds very exciting! I love reading this blog and can’t wait to hear how the incubating of the new eggs works. I hope you also have a great weekend. How could you not with those cute little ducklings!!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your new arrivals with us. They are adorable. Can’t wait to see Anna’s little goat. You certainly will be farmers again big time. Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

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