St. Louis Wildlife

When you first think of St. Louis, wildlife is not typically the first thing that comes to mind. I was surprised, though, to visit a state park just outside of the big city and to find quite a variety of flora and fauna. I was not expecting to go to a state park just outside a big city and go bird watching. I guess it just goes to show that wildlife can adapt to living around human intrusion. Horseshoe Lake State Park was located about 15 minutes from the KOA campground that we stayed at just outside of St. Louis.


I loved getting close up shots of the water fowl on Horseshoe Lake. Above is a Mallard drake.

IMG_0036  Surprise!! I was quite astounded to see a flock of White pelicans fly over head!


A new bird to add to my list, the Red Breasted Merganser.


American coot seemed to have taken over most of the park. They were everywhere!


Here’s a flock of American coot with the St. Louis arch and sky rises in the background.


This Blue-Winged Teal seemed completely unaware of the sunbathers in the background (painted turtles).



I also saw one of my favorite ducks, the Northern Shoveler.


Another rather striking duck that I saw was the Lesser Scaup.


While on a hike in the state park we found a small patch of moral mushrooms.


Across from our campsite at the KOA were these beautiful tree blossoms. It was nice to see a little green while staying in Illinois compared to the brown back here in Michigan. Green will be coming soon!


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by Alexa




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