St. Louis, Missouri


Gateway Arch

This past week my family and I visited St. Louis, Missouri. It was such a neat experience, especially seeing the arch! The Gateway Arch memorializes the United States era of westward expansion, I thought that was pretty cool.



Here is a full size picture of the arch. Although it stands at 630 feet the Gateway Arch isn’t all that much bigger than a typical sky rise building. (and there are some TALL ones in St. Louis!)


History museum and old courthouse.

For more on Missouri’s and the arch’s history we visited the history museum, which also used to be the old courthouse. It was all very fascinating.


The building’s in St. Louis were most impressive. They were so tall! It made me wonder if this is what ants feel like when they walk through a crowd of people. Just a thought. 😉


Nerium International


After visiting the city it was nice to take a long walk at Horseshoe Lake State Park.


Horseshoe Lake (you can probable guess why its named that)


UFO (unidentified flowering object) In other words, I wasn’t sure what kind of flower this was, but it was very pretty.


We were able to take a nice bike ride across the old route 66 bridge. Near the middle of the bridge is the Missouri and Illinois state line, so you could have your bike in Missouri and Illinois at the same time! Pretty cool right!?

photo 2.JPG

Have a great week!!

– Anna




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