Winter Photography

Capturing the beauty of the snow on your camera can be very challenging. It just looks so beautiful when you see it with your eyes, then you get it off your camera and onto your computer and it doesn’t look like the beauty you saw outside. I find it very difficult to just look at the snow, I have to take pictures of it and capture it before it leaves. Below are some tips that I have found helpful when out in the snow.


It helps to have a focus. With all the white surroundings, your camera may not know what to focus on, leaving you with a bland photo.


Fortunately for me, I have a dog, to be my focus. If you don’t have anything ‘live’ to be your focus, try trees, or your house, or anything you have lying around your house such as wheelbarrows, cars, or shovels.


Sometimes framing can help bring out the beauty of the snow. Use other trees or branches to frame the winter wonderland.


Have a line to follow. The road or footprints work well for this tip. Even the tree line on your yard may work well. If you live near a stream that isn’t frozen, that would make for some beautiful photos too.


Taking picture of snow covered trees is especially hard. I have found no really good ‘way’ or any tips for taking photos of snow covered trees. Again, maybe a focus would help or concentrating on a certain part of a tree. Wild birds can be helpful at this point, instead of zooming in on them perched on a snowy branch or bird feeder, include the whole branch or bird feeder along with the snowy background. This gives the eye something to focus on and still captures the snowy beauty.


Here are some other photos that might give you ideas for a snowy photo shoot.


This is a recaptured copy of a photo that I had taken last fall during the first snowfall. The wheelbarrows were only lightly covered then.


Again, my model animals come in handy for winter scenes, although I have to be careful with proportion when using them.


Hope this post helps you in your photography! Have a great weekend!

by Alexa



One thought on “Winter Photography

  1. HELP! Cannot come close to capturing what you have!! Wonderful photos. Gives snow a new perspective. Keep that shutter clicking. You are amazing.


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