Winter Wildlife

When I was on a hike through the woods I found these signs of wildlife. Do you know what they are or who they are made by?













#1 This sawdust was made by a woodpecker who was looking for bugs in a dead tree.

#2 Deer droppings.

#3 Deer track.

#4 A squirrel dug this hole looking for a stash of nuts.

#5 This is from a squirrel who found his stash of nuts and has now eaten the flesh out and left the shells behind.

#6 We are pretty sure this is porcupine poop. It was scattered all over the place beneath a huge pine tree and porcupines spend their days resting in trees.


I discovered this little creek on my hike. The snow was very slippery, especially under the pine trees.


Enjoy the snow!

by Alexa


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