Keeping a healthy and happy flock this winter

The snow finally came!!  And the chickens are resisting the change in weather, especially the older hens.  This week I am going to share with you some tips and tricks to keeping a healthy, happy flock this winter.

IMG_0887.JPG IMG_0893.JPG


New treat today was a peanut butter and raisin stuffed apple! The chickens thoroughly enjoyed it, even got the older hens outside. Coring the apple was a challenge though. Figured out a grapefruit spoon works best for getting the core out.


Investigating the new object in there enclosure.


Peanut butter can get a bit sticky!


The apple undergoes the roosters critical eye, while the hens watch impatiently.

Another method we like using for keeping healthy chickens is oatmeal.  The chickens enjoy it too!  I mix ground flax meal in with the oatmeal to add extra protein, particularly good if the flock is going through a molt.

A clove of garlic and a couple drops of oregano oil add important properties to the ”potion”.  This is a great treat to give in the winter and spring.





Have a great rest of the week and a happy new year!

– Anna





2 thoughts on “Keeping a healthy and happy flock this winter

  1. Neat tricks. Almost makes us want to raise chickens again. Glad you keep your charges happy and healthy. Happy New Year to you too!!!!


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