O Christmas Tree

Many people either have their trees already set up or are planning on getting one soon. My family has a fake tree that we set up because I am allergic to real trees. We used to get real trees but we could only keep them up for a few days. It has become tradition, since we got our fake tree, to set it up the day after Thanksgiving. I love decorating it and taking pictures of it.


Christmas trees have become a regular tradition in most of America, but most people have no idea how long it has been around or how it began.


In the early ages people would hang evergreen branches above their windows and doors. They thought that those branches would keep away witches, ghosts, evil spirits, and illness. In the northern hemisphere, the people believed that the sun was a god. They believed that the dark days leading up to winter solstice happened because their sun god got very sick. They celebrated winter solstice by hanging evergreen branches around their houses, because that meant that their god was getting better and the evergreens reminded them of all the green things that were to grow. Both the Egyptian’s and the Roman’s have been documented to do similar things.


Germany is credited with having started the Christmas tree tradition. Devout Christians would bring an evergreen tree into their homes and decorate it with wood and candles. In the Middle Ages, Christmas Eve was also celebrated as the Feast Day of Adam and Eve. Churches would put on plays and use an evergreen tree decorated with fruit as a prop for the plays. In America, the first documented Christmas tree was set up by the Pennsylvania Germans in 1747. The first real revolution of Christmas trees came in 1846 when Queen Victoria, Prince Albert (who was German) and their kids were pictured standing around a decorated tree. What was done in the Royal Palace immediately became a new fashion.


Christmas Tree Fast Facts:

Christmas trees are grown in all 50 states.

In 2002, 21% of U.S. households had a real tree, 48% of the households had artificial trees, and 32% had no trees.

Around 34-36 million Christmas trees are produced each year.

Over 1 million acres has been planted with Christmas trees.

Out of the 2,000 trees planted in 1 acre, only 1,000-1,500 survive.

All real Christmas trees require shearing to obtain their ‘Christmas tree’ shape.


So now, enjoy your Christmas tree and have a great weekend!



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