Photography Tips

This week I wanted to share with you some photography tips and ideas that I have found to be helpful.

IMG_4553.JPG  IMG_5451.JPG  IMG_0067 (3).JPGIMG_0331.JPG  IMG_0371.JPG  IMG_4764.JPG

The photos above I like to call, one object photos, as they all have a distinct focus point with not at lot of ”busy” background behind them. It makes it easier to see what the main point of the picture is.

Another thing would be the perspective of a picture, it can make a really  big difference in the way the photo looks or stands out. Consider the pictures below.

IMG_0537.JPG   IMG_5443  IMG_0201.JPG

I personally enjoy taking pictures of flowers and trees as their is such a diverse range of angles you can take the picture from.

Lighting is a very important component in a good photo. The light doesn’t have to come from the sun or other natural light either, indoor lights can also make for some very striking pictures.

IMG_0190.JPG  IMG_0272.JPG  IMG_0533 (2).JPG

After you have taken some pictures you may wish to edit them for fun or to add a desired effect. Below are some of my edited photos.

horse revised.jpg.jpg  underwater.jpg.jpg  IMG_0431 (2).JPG

If you enjoyed this post feel free to comment, or if you would like to share more tips on photography I would love to hear your advice. Have a great rest of the week and a happy Thanksgiving!

bibleunderwater.jpg (3).jpg

– Anna


2 thoughts on “Photography Tips

  1. Instead of taking my own pictures, I think you could travel with me and be my personal photographer. And…I will buy the food if you will cook it. Would probably have to share you with Gramma Stone though. 😊


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