Get a Jump on Christmas!

I know it is a little early for Christmas crafts (it is not even past Thanksgiving!), but I just could not keep myself away from looking up Christmas crafts on Pinterest. So this is what happened:

Christmas pipe cleaner craft

Christmas pipe cleaner crafts

Yes, I made not just one craft, but four crafts. They were so much fun, that I have decided to share just how I did them. So here it goes, my first craft tutorial:

pipe cleaner tree

pipe cleaner tree

Materials: approximately 5 red pipe cleaners (or any color that you want your tree), 20 pony beads (a few of mine are glow-in-the-dark), a piece of paper (cardstock or printer paper), scissors, tape, and a small piece of white or yellow pipe cleaner

Instructions: Roll the piece of paper to form a cone and tape the cone so that it does not unroll. It is ok if there is a small hole at the top. Cut the cone to how ever tall you want your tree. Mine is 4 inches tall (without the white star on top). Link 4 of your pipe cleaners together and distribute your pony beads along your line of pipe cleaners. Don’t worry about how even they are apart, because while you are wrapping the pipe cleaners around your cone, you are going to be moving the beads to where every you think they need to go. Link your fifth pipe cleaner to one end of you string of pipe cleaners. Take your cone and insert the pipe cleaner that you just attached through the small hole that is at the top of your cone. Start wrapping your 4 remaining pipe cleaners around the cone, moving pony beads as you go. When you get to the bottom of your tree, link the end of your pipe cleaner to the one you inserted through the top of the cone, and coil the remaining pipe cleaner in the cone. Now cut three small pieces of white pipe cleaner and twist them around each other to create a star. Stick one end of the star into the top of your tree. Ta-Da!

pipe cleaner wreath

pipe cleaner wreath

Materials: 2-3 green pipe cleaners, small pieces of red and white pipe cleaner, key chain ring (or even a cardboard ring would work), and scissors

Instructions: Link the green pipe cleaner together and wrap around the ring. At the end make a loop and cut any access. Form a bow with the red pipe cleaner and use another small piece of red pipe cleaner to attach the bow near your loop. Twist a piece of white pie cleaner around the side opposite your bow. Ta-Da!

pipe cleaner stocking

pipe cleaner stocking

Materials: scissors, 1 red pipe cleaner, and a small piece of white pipe cleaner (about one and a half inches)

Instructions: Attach the small white pipe cleaner to the red pipe cleaner. Starting with the white pipe cleaner, wrap the pipe cleaners around a pencil. Wrap until you have your desired length. Mine is about one and a quarter inches tall (not including the loop). Add the loop by inserting a small piece of red pipe cleaner under a loop of white pipe cleaner and join at the top. Ta-Da!

pipe cleaner reindeer

pipe cleaner reindeer

Materials: 2 brown pipe cleaners, 1 light brown pipe cleaner, small piece of white pipe cleaner, and scissors

Instructions: Make three loops at one end of a brown pipe cleaner, this will be the head. Bend about a half an inch down, this is the neck. Bend again straight out, this is the body. Bend straight up and cut a small tail. Twist another brown pipe cleaner around a pencil. Twist it so that it will be long enough to go on the body and neck. Place the wrapped pipe cleaner around the body and neck. Cut 2 two inch pieces of brown pipe cleaner. Bend both in half and place on the body for the front and hind legs. Cut 2 one inch pieces of light brown and 2 half inch pieces. Twist the half inch pieces near the top of the two one inch pieces, these are the antlers. Insert the antlers behind the head into one of the neck loops. Cut a small piece of white (about a half an inch) and bend in half. Insert one end into the body coil and stick the other half straight up against the brown tail. Ta-Da!

So there! Please let me know how I did on explaining every thing. I had lots of fun making mine! Also, just as a reminder, the Fall Frolic is tomorrow! It is at the Cornerstone Church in Mt. Pleasant, MI on Saturday, November 14, 2015 from 9am to 3pm. Look for us there! We are excited to be going to our first craft fair!

Ruffed Grouse

Ruffed Grouse

Yesterday we saw this Ruffed Grouse on our way to town! It was so cute! I wanted to hug it! Have a great week!

by Alexa


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