Lake Michigan

This week my family and I went up north to Charlevoix and Elk Rapids. We went shopping and enjoyed seeing Lake Michigan. Despite the cold temperatures and snow we had quite an enjoyable time.

Lake Michigan was feeling exceptionally photogenic;



Snowy morning on the lake.

Snowy morning on the lake.

The sun finally did come out!

The sun finally came out!



Fall colors

Fall colors

Arts and crafts!

Arts and crafts!

My sister and I will be selling some homemade crafts at the Cornerstone Church’s Fall Frolic Craft Show this year!

If you are interested it is on November 14th from 9am to 3pm,

2214 S. Lincoln Road, Mt. Pleasant MI. at the Cornerstone Church.


Thanks for all the comments! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Lake Michigan

  1. Anna, your pictures are really nice. Looks chilly though. Brrrr. But love all your crafts! That is a lot of work. Lollipops look intriguing. Keep on blogging 👏🏻 💞


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