Fall is Falling

We have been very busy this week, but not to busy to take time to enjoy the fall colors. They seem to be disappearing way to soon! My favorite tree has already lost all of it’s leaves, including the red and green one. The mushrooms sure do seem to be flourishing though! I brought some inside and took a gill from the cap of a mushroom and looked at it under a microscope, it was pretty cool! I also looked at some spores from a puffball mushroom, those were neat too! We went to Farmers Market yesterday and got some pumpkins. Most of the gourds pictured are ones I grew.

The harvest

The harvest



The chickens also got enjoy their first day out after the hawk attack! They went crazy!!

Red the Silver Leghorn

Red the Silver Leghorn

Those Silver Leghorns need to get laying! I want some white eggs! Pullets usually start to lay around 21 weeks. Those Leghorns are way past 21 weeks!

Rontu is also enjoying the fall colors.

Cute Eyes

Mr. Innocent

Mr. Trouble

Mr. Trouble


“What if I never find out who’s a good boy?”


Rontu went to puppy class this week! He did really well, but still has some things to work on.

Hope your week was a good one and enjoy those fall colors!



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