Meet the Flock cont…

It’s time to meet 6 more flock members, each with there own personalities and quirks.

Pipsqueak- Silver Leghorn

Pipsqueak- Silver Leghorn

Pipsqueak is a Silver Leghorn pullet. Unlike her name suggests, she is not the smallest Leghorn. Her favorite thing to do is hang out at the neighbors garden and explore places that she is not supposed to go (like the front yard). She is a devote follower of Red and is also under the powerful influence of the older hens (which is sometimes good, and sometimes bad). She does not like being caught but can be easily bribed with sunflower seeds.


Chickadee- Partridge Plymouth Rock

Chickadee is Partridge Plymouth Rock pullet. She is out-going and loves to hang out with Red. When you put the two together you are just asking for trouble. Her favorite fall activity is chasing squirrels.

Bandit- Ameraucana/Araucana mix

Bandit- Ameraucana/Araucana mix

Bandit is an Ameraucana/Araucana hen. The picture makes her look mean but she really isn’t, although she can’t stand other chickens bossing her around. Her name comes from the all black feathers on her neck and head. She lays blue/green eggs and loves mealworms.

Peanut- Buff Orpington

Peanut- Buff Orpington

Peanut is a Buff Orpington hen. She lives up to her name and is plump and round (mostly because of her feathers). Her favorite food is popcorn and she likes to hang out with Bumblebee. They get together and have preening parties (preening is the spreading of oil from the preen gland, located above the tail, onto the feathers).

Pine- Partridge Plymouth Rock

Pine- Partridge Plymouth Rock

Pine (the top one) is a Partridge Plymouth Rock pullet. She likes to stick with the rest of the Partridge Rocks and does not like to hang out with the Silver Leghorns. She likes to sort around in the raised garden beds and eat any greens that are growing.

Uno- Silver Leghorn

Uno- Silver Leghorn

Uno is a Silver Leghorn pullet. She likes to hang out with Pipsqueak and cause trouble with her. The picture above is from when she was 12 weeks old. Not much has changed from then to now, her comb has probably gotten bigger. She got her name from the one spike on her comb and her name means ‘one’ in Spanish.

With only 4 more members to meet, you are now well on your way to meeting the whole flock. After meeting the remaining four you will have a quiz (just kidding!!!) That’s a lot of names to remember and identify. Even I have a hard time telling those Silver Leghorns apart!

By Alexa


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