Just a few days ago I got back from a trip to Texas with my family! I can’t post to much about it because my sister wants to inform you too;). It was lots of fun! My aunt and uncle met us down there. My mom was going to a Nerium business conference so I got to hang out with my dad! We went to the Ft. Worth cattle drive and to the Extreme Mustang Makeover horse show! Here is the week in pictures!


The plane ride was very turbulent because of all the storms, both in Detroit and in Dallas.


During our first day in Dallas we stopped to see metal cattle drive statues! There were a lot of cattle, probably around 40 statues!


We ate at Whole Foods Market a couple of times.This was my favorite meal to get: a salad, pulled pork, and plantain chips!


The Ft. Worth cattle drive! The Texas longhorns were so neat! They all had different horn lengths and twists. One cow’s horns was almost pointed straight out!


The cattle maze! I did it with daddy and Anna did it with our aunt! It was lots of fun! Daddy and I finished in 12 minutes!


The Extreme Mustang Makeover was very cool! People would get wild mustangs to train for 100 days and they would meet at these shows to compete. The mustangs above were up for adoption! To bad they wouldn’t fit in my carry-on!


Yes, those are fake. We went to the second largest Cabela’s which was near Ft. Worth.


Cattle drive again!


Cactus! These are giant prickly pear cactus!

On one of the last days in Texas we went to a nature preserve and saw black-tailed prairie dogs and bison! On our way to the airport on the last day we stopped by a park and I saw a spiny softshell turtle! I had a great time in Texas! Hope you look forward to Anna’s post about the trip!

By Alexa


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