Meet the Flock!

After a brief introduction about us in the last post, it’s time to meet the flock!

This is Flint, a Buff Orpington hen. She is the detective of the coop and her role model is Gertrude McCluck from the Backyard Poultry magazines.


Flint-Buff Orpington

Amigo, a Black Sex Link hen is the food crazed bird of the flock. Any time you bring out a dish or shake a bag she comes running! She loves to talk to you and walk beside you. Her favorite foods are, peanut butter, squash, sunflower seeds, bread, mealworms, and berries.

Amigo-Black Sex Link

Amigo-Black Sex Link

Hope, a Barred Plymouth Rock hen has attitude enough for the whole coop. She is sassy, smart, and a real jokester. What ever you do, you don’t want to be on bad terms with Hope. Her side kick is Hope Jr. a Partridge Rock pullet. Hope is also the second oldest of the flock, she is 4 years old.

Hope-Plymouth Barred Rock

Hope-Barred Plymouth Rock

Blackie, a Black Australorp hen is the sweetest bird in the coop. She is crossbeak, which means her upper beak is uneven with her lower beak. Everybody loves Blackie. She talks a lot, is a good layer, and loves oatmeal. Her role model is Princess, another crossbeak who used to live at the coop.


Blackie-Black Australorp

The last introduction for this post is, Red a Silver Leghorn pullet. Red is the leader of all the other Silver leghorn pullets (commonly called ‘parasites’ because of their tendency to be all over the place all at once). She love causing trouble (like roosting in trees) and hates being caught. Her favorite things to do are, swing in her hammock, eating very fast, and going on adventures in the yard and in the woods.

Red-Silver Leghorn

Red-Silver Leghorn

You now know at least 5 of the characters that make up our flock. Hopefully in later posts you will get to meet the other flock members!



3 thoughts on “Meet the Flock!

  1. What a wonderful idea! Loved reading your introduction to some of the flock ☺️ Great writing skills! Sounds like Red needs to take a few lessons from Blackie in the personality category. Keep on writing 🐔


  2. Great intro to the chickens…the princess reference made me just a tiny bit sad for a very brief moment….I liked her a lot. I love that the chickens all have names and that they each have SUCH personality 😜


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