Welcome to our blog!

Hello! Our names are Anna and Alexa. We are twins from the middle of the mitten (Michigan, that is). Both of us love crafting, cooking, baking, and being creative. One of our passions is raising our backyard flock of chickens.  We participate in 4-H and look forward to the County Fair every summer. In the fall we love harvesting our gardens and going on fall camping trips with our family. Winter is one of our favorite times of the year. We love celebrating our birthday and Christmas with our family! During the spring we are busy raising goats and poultry for the fair.

Anna- Hi!  I enjoy creating new recipes, needlefelting, knitting, and sewing. I also enjoy raising my chickens and in the spring, goats.  My favorite activities would include biking, cross-country running, and octaball. Reading is also a fun relaxing activity for me, some of my favorites books would include The Chronicles of Narnia,  The Left Behind series, the Bible and most recently the Chiveis Trilogy. I love hanging out with my friends as well. Thank you for checking out our blog! May God bless.

Alexa- My hobbies are sewing, crafting, baking, cooking, and raising animals. I absolutely love raising our flock of chickens. I love caring  for them and learning from any difficulties that might happen. My favorite things to grow in my garden are, colorful carrots, gourds, and herbs. I love animals and strive to care for my pets the best I can. I also care about wild animals and love researching information on certain wildlife. I have 1 tree frog and a flock of 23 chickens. My favorite hens are, Amigo the Black Sex Link, Flint the Buff Orpington, and Red the Silver Leghorn. I love riding horses when ever I get the chance and visiting other peoples farms. The highlights of my summer are the Fair and family vacations. Every year I raise chickens to show at the fair. I love caring for the chicks and practicing with them for showmanship. This year I also showed dogs at the fair. I really enjoyed it and hope to do it again next year. When I am not busy taking care of the animals I love finding crafts to complete. Some of my favorite crafty things to do are, needlefelt, hand sew, machine sew, draw, and color. Finding new gluten free, paleo recipes is a fun challenge also! I love making new desserts and trying them out on my family. Another thing I love to do is photography. Taking pictures of food, birds, and other animals is so much fun!


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